Where to Start

We were all new to the sport at one time or another. From SAFETY, to tips, to lessons, the CSCA is here to share advice and help you get started with one of the fastest growing shotgun sports in the country!


Any participant in any sport that involves the handling and use of any type of firearm, must place the highest priority on SAFETY. So we will cover that first. Safety is everyone’s responsibility, and can mean the difference between an enjoyable outing and a tragedy.

shotgun sports

Shotgun target sports date back to England in the late 1700′s when “box shooting” used live pigeons released from box traps with a pull cord, thus we have today’s popular call of “Pull!” requesting the release of the target.

New shooter etiquette

First of all, welcome to the fastest growing shotgun sport in the country. It is a great sport and lots of fun regardless of your skill level. Here are some guidelines to make your participation more enjoyable and avoid some potential embarrassment. It will also put you at ease in knowing what is expected of you as a participant and good sportsman.